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8/21/2012 Posted at 03:17:00

When you want Rhinoplasty Orange County

Rhinoplasty Orange County procedure to make modifications to your nose to help it fit your face. There are very few perfect noses. But at times, your nose can really detract from an otherwise attractive and proportional face. It may be that your nose is too long, too wide, has a bump, has a bulbous tip or is not symmetrical. This can cause people to focus only on your nose rather than your other facial features. Here are 3 tips to help you find a doctor to perform your Rhinoplasty Orange County. Tip 1: Find someone who has experience When you are undergoing Rhinoplasty Orange County, you want someone who has the skills, training and experience to give you the outcome you want. You trust a surgeon to fix the problem and you need to be in experienced and capable hands. Tip 2: Find someone who has an aesthetic eye It takes someone with an aesthetic eye to see what is wrong with your nose, who can give you Rhinoplasty Orange County to fix the problems, and help your nose to fit your face. An experienced surgeon with a fine attention to detail can see the problem and then knows how to fix it for you. When you need Rhinoplasty Orange County, check into Rhinoplasty Specialist Paul S. Nassif, MD, FACS. Dr. Nassif is an experienced Rhinoplasty Orange County Facial and Plastic Surgeon. He is currently in private practice in Beverly Hills; CA. Dr. Nassif has received media recognition locally and nationally for his innovative techniques. Dr. Nassif also has numerous before and after photos and testimonials from his many patients. When you need Rhinoplasty Orange County contact Dr. Nassif through his website at http://www.rhinoplastyspecialist.com/contactus.asp or call 310-275-2467 for a consultation.

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